discover and BBQ – 6 September 2015

We had around 35 people in for the first in our discover series on Future Events. Alan was chairing and Victor took the subject of ‘What does the Bible say about Life after death?‘.

He began by quoting from Roger Carswell’s book ‘Grill a Christian‘, before moving on to talk about the Bible and bringing out key verses to talk around the subject.

Following the service, with summer arriving eventually, albeit belatedly in September, we had perfect weather for our BBQ lunch and the usual burgers and sausages were cooked beneath blue skies. Continue reading “discover and BBQ – 6 September 2015”

Thanksgiving Service for Myrtle Gomm – 5 June 2014

AM Order of Service
The Order of Service (click to open)

Over 80 people gathered at Parkside for a Thanksgiving Service for the life of Myrtle Gomm.

The service was chaired by Victor Michael who began by welcoming all those who had gathered, including some from St Mark’s Nursing Centre.

Victor began by quoting from Proverbs 31, using The Message translation and picked out certain verses, linking them to Myrtle’s life.

The opening hymn was Glory, glory everlasting and after the hymn, Ken Hill opened in prayer, particularly giving thanks for Myrtle’s life and remembering those who mourn her.

Myrtle’s niece, Heather Evans then read from Psalm 23. Continue reading “Thanksgiving Service for Myrtle Gomm – 5 June 2014”

Mother’s Day Tea – 10th March 2013

We had around 60 people at this year’s Mother’s Day Tea.

Mother's Day Tea
Expectant crowds at the Mother’s Day Tea

With a number of our Young People away at their weekend in Swindon, it fell to Victor to ‘host’ the tea.

Further excitement occurred in the kitchen when it was realised that the trusty ‘Burco’ water heater had failed and we had to rely on numerous kettles to provide tea.

Fortunately the expectant crowd were not kept waiting for long and were soon treated to the usual spread of sandwiches, scones, cakes and the traditional finale of jelly and ice cream.

We were delighted to have Nathan Moore along to speak to us over the tea-table.  Nathan gave a short, amusing talk on Jesus being similar to a mother hen gathering her chicks to herself.

We now look forward to our forthcoming Family Service, which takes place next Sunday.

Family Service and BBQ – 17th June 2012

We had around 55 people for the latest in our series of Family Services on ‘Celebrations’ in the Bible.

This month included Victor chairing, a quiz from Alan and David Hedges speaking briefly on the story of the Lost Son.

Afterwards, everyone trooped out into the sunshine to enjoy freshly cooked burgers and sausages, followed by a range of desserts.

Following this, there were games in the park, including the ubiquitous Kubb!

Desserts are served in the shade of the marquee

Family Service – 19th February 2012

We had around forty people join us for our second Family Service of the year.

The service was chaired by Victor Michael, who opened with the hymn Be still for the presence of the Lord and prayer.

Victor ran through some dates of upcoming Family Services to set the scene before we sang some of the children’s favourites from Sunday Club.

Afterwards, Phil Bray hosted a short quiz which involved finding the ‘lost sheep’ by asking questions to which he could only supply the answers ‘yes’ and ‘no’.  The sheep was found in a plant beside the piano.

The second hymn was Come let us sing of a wonderful love. Afterwards, Alan Michael came up to tell the story of the Lost Sheep using the excellent tale of Cecil the sheep.

Cecil the sheep

After the story, Victor finished with the singing of I’m special before reminding people about the soup and Scotch pancakes that were being served at the end of the Family Service.

Our next Family Service is on March 18th at 5pm and takes the form of a Mother’s Day Tea.