April Family Service – 21st April 2013

We had an excellent time, with around 40 people at our April Family Service which was chaired by Jon Cox, with Alan Michael speaking.

April 2013 Family Service

Jon was beset with various problems at the beginning of the service, including broken guitar strings and faulty batteries on his amplifier, but battled through heroically, with his customary good humour.

It was great to see old friends back again, as well as those who normally join us at our Family Service.

Jon took the opportunity to choose some choruses which we haven’t sung recently and accompanied Kerry’s piano playing with his guitar.

Beginning with Jesus is the name we honour, we also sang We want to see Jesus lifted highJesus put this song into our hearts and When I feel the touch, as well as a selection of children’s favourites.

Jon had arranged a Bible-based light-hearted quiz, which again proved entertaining and ended in a draw.

Alan came up to speak and followed on from the developing theme of ‘People Jesus met’ by talking through the conversion of Saul, found in Acts 9, particularly referring to Saul’s Challenge, Conversion and Change.

After the service, the majority of people were able to stay for refreshments, again arranged by Lesley.

Our next Family Service is on 19th May at 11.45am.

Easter Sunday Family Service – 31st March 2013

We enjoyed an excellent time at our Easter Sunday Family Service, with almost sixty people joining us for the morning and the hall decked out with daffodils.

Easter 2013 Family Service Final (1)

Hosted by Phil, we began by singing Come and see followed by prayer.

After a short welcome including the dates for the resumption of Sunday Club as well as the next scheduled Family Service, we moved on to our first reading from Luke 23:44-47, which was read by Rebekah.

This was followed by the singing of Oh to see the dawn and our second reading, from Matthew 28:1-6, which was delivered by Brian.

Our third hymn was See what a morning, which was followed by an entertaining Easter themed quiz consisting of general knowledge questions about Easter.

Afterwards, we watched a short animated video of the Easter story, shown below:

Easter 2013 Family Service Final Romans

Before Paul came up to speak to us, we sung Jesus Christ is alive today and I’m Special.

Paul Cogger came up and spoke briefly about life, highlighting various verses and explaining how important Easter is to Christians and how it is that we can obtain eternal life through the work Jesus did for us in his death on the cross.

Paul also talked about goodie bags which we would be handing out at the end of the Family Service.

These each contained a number of items including invites to forthcoming events, a booklet entitled What’s the point of Easter, an activity story (Josh and Jade at Easter) and colouring for children and a creme egg.  Ladies were also given some of the many daffodils decorating the hall.

Josh and Jade

If you’re interested in obtaining a copy of either of these two publications, please either click on the images to order online, or alternatively contact us and we would be happy to send you one.

The Family Service ended with the singing of Led like a lamb and prayer.

It was followed by a selection of refreshments which included hot cross buns.

Our next Family Service is due to take place on April 21st at 11.45am.  We hope you’ll be able to join us.

Family Service – 20th January 2013

Despite the inclement snowy weather, we had around 35 hardy people who joined us for our first Family Service of 2013.Jan Family Service

The service was hosted by Phil who began with the hymn I do not know what lies ahead, followed by prayer.

Phil ran through various notices, including clarifying that in 2013, Family Services would be on the third Sunday of each month.

The second hymn was one which we had learned at our November Family Service, and was Stuart Townend’s There is a hope.

Afterwards, Brian came up to introduce various children’s choruses, before Alan stepped in with an amusing box quiz, consisting of a number of different lengths of string hidden in a box.  Each team answered a question and then withdrew a length of string.  Each length was tied together and the team finishing with the longest overall length of string was the winner.  The quiz was created by Paul, who was unfortunately unable to join us.

Our final hymn was O Lord my God, after which, Matthew Hall came up to speak.

Matthew enthusiastically talked about different famous people and questions that you could ask them.  These included Lance Armstrong, Winston Churchill, Beethoven and The Queen.  He then finished with the final person which was Jesus.

After the service, most people stayed behind to enjoy warming soup, bread and other refreshments, which Lesley and other helpers had put together.

Family Service – 18th November 2012

We enjoyed a great Family Service this morning, hosted by Phil and ably assisted by Brian.

The service opened with In Christ Alone followed by prayer, after which Phil ran through some of the upcoming activities at Parkside including Toddlers, The Link Coffee Bar and the various Christmas services which are planned.

With the help of Kerry and Judith we were able to learn a new song – There is a Hope, by Stuart Townend:

After singing some of the kids choruses from Sunday Club, led by Brian, we had a slightly chaotic ‘pairs quiz’ which was followed by two readings (the parables of the Wedding Feast and the Great Supper) and singing Majesty, before Dave came up to speak using the two readings as a basis for his talk.

Dave used the idea of receiving an invitation from various people and how we would react, finishing with receiving the offer of salvation from God and whether would choose to accept or reject his invitation.

The service was followed by soup, bread and other refreshments, organised by Lesley.

We now look forward to our first Christmas Carol Service in two weeks time.

Family Tea – 14th October 2012

With many of our regular number away, we were delighted to have a large number of visitors for our Family Tea this afternoon.

We had around 70 people present to enjoy a mixture of sandwiches and cakes, culminating in the traditional jelly and ice cream.

Alan chaired the evening and, after tea, some of the children from Sunday Club came to the front to help him run through the Ten Commandments, a subject that they’ve been learning about recently on Sunday mornings.

They also enjoyed singing some of the choruses from Sunday Club, before Daniel Rudge came to speak over the tea table.

In a short, powerful message he told the story (from Numbers 20) of Moses striking the rock in the wilderness to bring forth water finishing with linking to 1 Corinthians 4:10 – ‘that rock was Christ’.

With the new ‘The Link Coffee Bar’, the upcoming baptism, the planned Light Night and the forthcoming Christmas activities we’re really looking forward to the weeks ahead.

Our next regular Family Service is on 18th November at 11.30am.