Breaking of Bread

Sunday 10:00am

The ‘Breaking of Bread’ service is a time where we get together as Christians to remember the Lord Jesus and culminates in the taking of bread and wine which symbolise the body and blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, as mentioned in Mark 14.

We use Hymns of Light and Love and also have a Parkside Supplement of hymns and choruses with some additional songs in.

The service is primarily for Christians and normally lasts for around an hour. and consists of different members of the congregation giving out hymns, reading from the Bible and praying as they are led by the Holy Spirit. Towards the end of the service, one of those present will break the bread and pass it around. A few minutes later the wine will be passed around also.

Visitors who are not Christians are welcome to come and observe how Christians remember the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus.

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