Family Service – 19th February 2012

We had around forty people join us for our second Family Service of the year.

The service was chaired by Victor Michael, who opened with the hymn Be still for the presence of the Lord and prayer.

Victor ran through some dates of upcoming Family Services to set the scene before we sang some of the children’s favourites from Sunday Club.

Afterwards, Phil Bray hosted a short quiz which involved finding the ‘lost sheep’ by asking questions to which he could only supply the answers ‘yes’ and ‘no’.  The sheep was found in a plant beside the piano.

The second hymn was Come let us sing of a wonderful love. Afterwards, Alan Michael came up to tell the story of the Lost Sheep using the excellent tale of Cecil the sheep.

Cecil the sheep

After the story, Victor finished with the singing of I’m special before reminding people about the soup and Scotch pancakes that were being served at the end of the Family Service.

Our next Family Service is on March 18th at 5pm and takes the form of a Mother’s Day Tea.

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