Thanksgiving Service for Myrtle Gomm – 5 June 2014

AM Order of Service
The Order of Service (click to open)

Over 80 people gathered at Parkside for a Thanksgiving Service for the life of Myrtle Gomm.

The service was chaired by Victor Michael who began by welcoming all those who had gathered, including some from St Mark’s Nursing Centre.

Victor began by quoting from Proverbs 31, using The Message translation and picked out certain verses, linking them to Myrtle’s life.

The opening hymn was Glory, glory everlasting and after the hymn, Ken Hill opened in prayer, particularly giving thanks for Myrtle’s life and remembering those who mourn her.

Myrtle’s niece, Heather Evans then read from Psalm 23.

Gill Richards, Myrtle’s niece recalled some childhood memories of time spent with Myrtle. She looked back at times when she stayed with Myrtle at the age of around seven which included having fun, going for walks and picnics.  She also remembered a holiday where she shared a room with Myrtle and used to see whether Myrtle was awake by lifting up her eyelids, early in the morning.

Nephew, Adrian Bray’s memories centered around food – particularly the expansive teas provided at Christmas, as well as Myrtle’s homemade clotted cream.  He also looked back at Myrtle’s listening ear and willingness to discuss his various travels.  He felt free to talk to her, listen to her and pray with her.

Myrtle’s other nephew, Phil Bray also looked back at family teas and time spent at her house.  He remembered Myrtle’s fondness for helping with catering as well as her caring nature for friends and relations.  He made mention of her faith and help in arranging young people’s activities.  He finished with her time in St Mark’s Nursing Centre and the fondness for her from his children.

Gill’s husband Raph read from Romans 5:1-8.

Victor read some memories of Myrtle from Noel’s family in Australia which looked back with fondness on time that they had spent in Maidenhead and when Noel and Myrtle had visited them in Australia.

The second hymn was My God I thank Thee who hast made and afterwards, Myrtle’s brother Dennis came up to give a eulogy.

Dennis looked back at Myrtle’s life, right from her birth in 1926 up to the end of her life. He looked back on a happy childhood growing up in London before the family moved to Maidenhead in 1937.

He spoke about Myrtle’s career at ICI where she produced various technical papers and was involved in product testing and family life, including the death of their mum and dad.

Noel came on the scene in 1965, visiting his cousin Eddie in Maidenhead and got married to Myrtle in January 1967.  They had a happy marriage and were both active working for the Lord.

Dennis finished with the later part of Myrtle’s life, including her move into St Mark’s Nursing Centre and ultimately into Wexham Park Hospital.

Heather’s husband, Martin, read from Philippians 2:5-11.

The congregation were treated to a rendition of All glory to Jesus by some of the Uxbridge Gospel Male Voice Choir, a group which Noel sings with occasionally.

Alan Michael came up afterwards and gave a short message, taking the verse Philippians 1:21 – For me to live is Christ and to die is gain, which he felt sums up Myrtle’s life.

Alan talked about the sense of hope at a Christian funeral service and explained how the verse was written by Paul towards the end of his life, when he was undergoing much suffering and that he wanted to be die so he could be with Christ.  Paul describes dying as being ‘far better’, as the Christian is at rest from their labours and with Christ.  Christians, like Myrtle, can enjoy a ‘living hope’ through the resurrection of Jesus Christ that can never been taken away.  We can be sure of this if we live Christ in our lives and if we have accepted Christ as our Saviour then to die is gain.

The final hymn was Saviour, Thy dying love and afterwards Victor closed the service with prayer.

The coffin was carried out to the strains of Karl Jenkins’ God shall wipe away all tears.

Following the Thanksgiving Service, a short committal service was led by David Angell at nearby Braywick Cemetery.  This included the hymn When all my labours and trials are o’er.

You can listen to the service by clicking on the button below, or right-click on the link to download it.

MG Thanksgiving

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