Upcoming BBQ Lunch – 3 June 2018

Facebook BBQ 2018 invite copy

Please join us this Sunday for our annual BBQ lunch, which follows on from our normal ‘discover’ Sunday service.

‘discover’ starts from 11:30am with coffee and other drinks being served in the main hall, before the service itself begins at 11:45am.  It is suitable for all the family and will include some singing, a quiz and a short talk from the Bible.  It will finish at around 12:30pm and the BBQ will take place in the car park behind Parkside.

Once the food is out of the way, there will be the opportunity to play some games in the park, weather permitting, and you’re welcome to stay for as long as you like.

For more information about ‘discover’, please click here.

discover and BBQ – 6 September 2015

We had around 35 people in for the first in our discover series on Future Events. Alan was chairing and Victor took the subject of ‘What does the Bible say about Life after death?‘.

He began by quoting from Roger Carswell’s book ‘Grill a Christian‘, before moving on to talk about the Bible and bringing out key verses to talk around the subject.

Following the service, with summer arriving eventually, albeit belatedly in September, we had perfect weather for our BBQ lunch and the usual burgers and sausages were cooked beneath blue skies. Continue reading “discover and BBQ – 6 September 2015”

New discover mini-series and BBQ lunch – 5 September 2015

_MG_3883During September, we’re having a mini-series of talks in discover on Future Events.

We’ll be exploring four important subjects which are relevant to everyone and looking at the details given about them from the Bible’s perspective.

At the same time, the children will be returning to their own activities as Sunday Club starts up again, following the break for summer.

All services start as usual, at 11:45am and there will be a BBQ lunch following tomorrow’s talk, at around 12:30pm.  If the weather is good, we’ll look to sit out in the park and also play some games.

Details of the talks are below. We hope you’ll be able to join us for refreshments beforehand from 11:30am.

What does the Bible say about:
Life after death? – 6 September
Jesus coming back again? – 13 September
The future of the world? – 20 September
Heaven and Hell? – 27 September

Family Service and BBQ – 4th September 2011

Some forty people gathered for our latest Family Service and BBQ today.

With the planned speaker being unable to attend at the last minute it fell to Alan Michael to take up the baton in his place.

The service was once again chaired by David Hedges and began with the singing of Come and see followed by prayer.

Those present were tasked with choosing new team names for the Sunday Club teams and decided upon Bangers and Mash.

We then had a number of children’s choruses as usual before the memory verse for the month – Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies”. – John 11:25.

Alan then came to speak on the subject of the raising of Lazarus, taken from John 11, and introduced Lazarus, Mary and Martha.

Lazarus then becomes ill and dies and Alan brought out the question as to why God allows suffering and bad things to happen to people who love him.  Lazarus died that God might be glorified through his death.  The Bible tells us that when Christians die it is like sleep as we have a great hope to look forward to when Jesus returns.

Jesus proves that He is the resurrection and the life by raising Lazarus back to life.  Many believed in Him as a result.

Jesus met the needs of Lazarus, Mary and Martha in different ways.

  • Remember – Look back and know that God loves you.
  • Review – Look at present circumstances.  God is with us.
  • Re-focus – Do we need to change our direction?  Are we disciples?  Remember that Jesus said ‘I am the resurrection and the life’.

We finished the service by singing Low in the grave and prayer.

The planned BBQ and games in the park had to be somewhat scaled back due to monsoon rainfall that fell during and after the Family Service.

Photo by Paul Cogger
Robert and Phil manning the BBQ in monsoon conditions

We had earlier set up a marquee to cook under, but ended up serving food in the back room and putting round tables in the main hall rather than in the park.

Photo by Paul Cogger
Burger or sausage, anyone?


Friends and Neighbours BBQ – 13th August 2011

Following some weeks of planning, we hosted our Friends and Neighbours BBQ today, between 5 and 7.30pm.

The weather was fine, with some cloud, but fortunately a lot drier than our equivalent BBQ last year.

Bunting set up with welcome tent in the background

We set up one marquee in the car-park and the second one out in the park.  In addition, we had a smaller marquee set out in the car-park as a welcome tent.  Here, Pam and Angela greeted visitors and gave them the option to wear a sticky label with their name on.

The welcome tent

By 5pm the BBQ was lit, the tents and bunting were in place and we had a good turnout from those at Parkside.

Robert at the BBQ
The marquee and BBQ in the car park

We had various quizzes ready as well as some games in the park and a treasure hunt.

The marquee and tables in the park

We were pleased to welcome some visitors along to the BBQ although were somewhat disappointed by the overall number of people joining us for the evening and will look to change things accordingly for next year.