Family Tea – 11 October 2015

Oct Family TeaWe had an excellent turnout for our October tea this evening at Parkside, with over fifty people coming along.

As a change, we’d arranged the tables differently to how we normally have them set out and opted to effectively have two long tables down the main hall (each four tables long). Not only did this seem to create more space, it also made it easier for people to talk to each other, rather than everyone being on separate ‘islands’. Continue reading “Family Tea – 11 October 2015”

discover and BBQ – 6 September 2015

We had around 35 people in for the first in our discover series on Future Events. Alan was chairing and Victor took the subject of ‘What does the Bible say about Life after death?‘.

He began by quoting from Roger Carswell’s book ‘Grill a Christian‘, before moving on to talk about the Bible and bringing out key verses to talk around the subject.

Following the service, with summer arriving eventually, albeit belatedly in September, we had perfect weather for our BBQ lunch and the usual burgers and sausages were cooked beneath blue skies. Continue reading “discover and BBQ – 6 September 2015”

Thanksgiving Service for Myrtle Gomm – 5 June 2014

AM Order of Service
The Order of Service (click to open)

Over 80 people gathered at Parkside for a Thanksgiving Service for the life of Myrtle Gomm.

The service was chaired by Victor Michael who began by welcoming all those who had gathered, including some from St Mark’s Nursing Centre.

Victor began by quoting from Proverbs 31, using The Message translation and picked out certain verses, linking them to Myrtle’s life.

The opening hymn was Glory, glory everlasting and after the hymn, Ken Hill opened in prayer, particularly giving thanks for Myrtle’s life and remembering those who mourn her.

Myrtle’s niece, Heather Evans then read from Psalm 23. Continue reading “Thanksgiving Service for Myrtle Gomm – 5 June 2014”

discover: Week 5 – 2 February 2014

Discover Week 4 MV
Last week’s memory verse

We began the fifth week of discover with the singing of Come and see and prayer.

Afterwards we looked at the memory verse from last week – which again proved a struggle for people to remember.

We sang some children’s choices and finished our time together by singing I do not know what lies ahead.

The reading for this week was from Mark 15:40 to 16:8 and afterwards Alan came up to speak on this week’s subject ‘Resurrection: Why can Jesus rise?‘.  Tweets from Alan’s talk are below:

You can view or download Alan’s presentation here – 20140112 – Discover Week 5

You can download Alan’s talk by right-clicking on the link below and selecting ‘Save link as…’.  Alternatively, press the play button to listen directly from the website.

Discover Week 5

discover: Week 3 – 19 January 2014

We had around 40 people with us this morning as we began our third week of discover by singing How great Thou art and prayer.

Discover Memory Verse - Week 2
Last week’s Memory Verse

Only a couple of people were able to recall the memory verse from last week, but those who had remembered it were given a chocolate coin.

We again had a few children’s choices before finishing by singing Faithful One.

After the children went out for their classes, Phil read from Mark 7:1-8 and 14-23 before Alan came up to speak.

Alan’s subject for the third week of the Christianity Explored course was ‘Sin: Why did Jesus come?

Below are some tweets from his talk.  Underneath them are both the presentation and the audio recording from this morning:

Here is the presentation from this morning:- 20140112 – Discover Week 3

You can download Alan’s talk by right-clicking on the link below and selecting ‘Save link as…’.  Alternatively, press the play button to listen directly from the website.

Discover Week 3

Don’t forget to join us next week from 11:30am as David takes the next in the Christianity Explored series with the subject ‘The cross: Why did Jesus die?

You can download or listen to the talks from the first two weeks below:

Discover Week 1

Discover Week 2