discover: Week 3 – 19 January 2014

We had around 40 people with us this morning as we began our third week of discover by singing How great Thou art and prayer.

Discover Memory Verse - Week 2
Last week’s Memory Verse

Only a couple of people were able to recall the memory verse from last week, but those who had remembered it were given a chocolate coin.

We again had a few children’s choices before finishing by singing Faithful One.

After the children went out for their classes, Phil read from Mark 7:1-8 and 14-23 before Alan came up to speak.

Alan’s subject for the third week of the Christianity Explored course was ‘Sin: Why did Jesus come?

Below are some tweets from his talk.  Underneath them are both the presentation and the audio recording from this morning:

Here is the presentation from this morning:- 20140112 – Discover Week 3

You can download Alan’s talk by right-clicking on the link below and selecting ‘Save link as…’.  Alternatively, press the play button to listen directly from the website.

Discover Week 3

Don’t forget to join us next week from 11:30am as David takes the next in the Christianity Explored series with the subject ‘The cross: Why did Jesus die?

You can download or listen to the talks from the first two weeks below:

Discover Week 1

Discover Week 2

discover: Week 2 – 12 January 2014

Discover Memory Verse - Week 2
Memory verse from Week 2 of discover

Our second week of discover began with the singing of In Christ Alone and Victor opening in prayer.

Phil, who was chairing, then introduced a memory verse for us to learn for next week.  This had been taken from those in the Psalms which are regularly tweeted from the Parkside Twitter account.

As we read through the verse, words gradually disappeared.  A prize will be offered next week when people will be asked to repeat the verse.

After we had sung a few children’s choices – and Happy Birthday to Becky – the children departed for their classes.

Slide from David’s presentation

Alan read through the story of Jesus healing a dead girl from Mark 5 before David Angell came up to take us through the second part of our Christianity Explored course – Who is Jesus.

Using verses from Mark, David talked through how Jesus has power and authority to teach, over sickness, over nature, over death and finally to forgive sin.

You can see the full presentation from the morning, including David’s slides here: 20140112 – Discover Week 2.

You can download David’s talk by right-clicking on the link below and selecting ‘Save link as…’.  Alternatively, press the play button to listen directly from the website.

Discover Week 2

Join us for Week 3 of discover on Sunday 19 January from 11:30am.

discover: Week 1 – 5 January 2014

We had a good number in for our first week of the new discover service at Parkside.

This was the first week that we had served coffee (and other drinks) in the main hall and it seemed to work well, with those arriving, happy to partake and mingle ahead of the main service.

Discover Week 1

The opening week was chaired by Phil and began with an a capella version of I do not know what lies ahead and prayer.

Phil explained about the new format for discover and that the children would be going out for their activities at 12:00pm, at which point Alan Michael would begin a six week series using content from the well-known Christianity Explored course.

After a number of children’s choices, it was time for the children to adjourn to the back rooms, along with Lesley, Sarah and Brian.

Phil read from Mark 1:1-15, before handing over to Alan.

Alan’s title for the first week of the course was Good News: What are we doing here?’ and worked through the first few verses of Mark 1, explaining them one verse at a time.

At the end of the service, Alan offered some handouts with questions on, based on the Questions Week 1passage covered, as well as inviting questions either via pen and paper or making use of Twitter.

We were very pleased with how the first week went and look forward to hearing David Angell next week, who will be taking the second week of the course, with the subject Identity: Who is Jesus?

You can download a copy of Alan’s slides from Week 1 of discover here – discover-week-1-05012014.pdf or download the talk by right-clicking on the link below and selecting ‘Save link as…’.  Alternatively, press the play button to listen directly from the website.

Discover Week 1

We hope you’ll be able to join us next week.

Easter Sunday Family Service – 31st March 2013

We enjoyed an excellent time at our Easter Sunday Family Service, with almost sixty people joining us for the morning and the hall decked out with daffodils.

Easter 2013 Family Service Final (1)

Hosted by Phil, we began by singing Come and see followed by prayer.

After a short welcome including the dates for the resumption of Sunday Club as well as the next scheduled Family Service, we moved on to our first reading from Luke 23:44-47, which was read by Rebekah.

This was followed by the singing of Oh to see the dawn and our second reading, from Matthew 28:1-6, which was delivered by Brian.

Our third hymn was See what a morning, which was followed by an entertaining Easter themed quiz consisting of general knowledge questions about Easter.

Afterwards, we watched a short animated video of the Easter story, shown below:

Easter 2013 Family Service Final Romans

Before Paul came up to speak to us, we sung Jesus Christ is alive today and I’m Special.

Paul Cogger came up and spoke briefly about life, highlighting various verses and explaining how important Easter is to Christians and how it is that we can obtain eternal life through the work Jesus did for us in his death on the cross.

Paul also talked about goodie bags which we would be handing out at the end of the Family Service.

These each contained a number of items including invites to forthcoming events, a booklet entitled What’s the point of Easter, an activity story (Josh and Jade at Easter) and colouring for children and a creme egg.  Ladies were also given some of the many daffodils decorating the hall.

Josh and Jade

If you’re interested in obtaining a copy of either of these two publications, please either click on the images to order online, or alternatively contact us and we would be happy to send you one.

The Family Service ended with the singing of Led like a lamb and prayer.

It was followed by a selection of refreshments which included hot cross buns.

Our next Family Service is due to take place on April 21st at 11.45am.  We hope you’ll be able to join us.

Family Tea – 14th October 2012

With many of our regular number away, we were delighted to have a large number of visitors for our Family Tea this afternoon.

We had around 70 people present to enjoy a mixture of sandwiches and cakes, culminating in the traditional jelly and ice cream.

Alan chaired the evening and, after tea, some of the children from Sunday Club came to the front to help him run through the Ten Commandments, a subject that they’ve been learning about recently on Sunday mornings.

They also enjoyed singing some of the choruses from Sunday Club, before Daniel Rudge came to speak over the tea table.

In a short, powerful message he told the story (from Numbers 20) of Moses striking the rock in the wilderness to bring forth water finishing with linking to 1 Corinthians 4:10 – ‘that rock was Christ’.

With the new ‘The Link Coffee Bar’, the upcoming baptism, the planned Light Night and the forthcoming Christmas activities we’re really looking forward to the weeks ahead.

Our next regular Family Service is on 18th November at 11.30am.