February 2014 Monthly Conference – 8 February 2014

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Today we welcomed Daniel Rudge with us for the latest in our series of Monthly Conferences.

Daniel’s subject for the evening was Timothy: a student’s faithfulness.

Below are live tweets from the evening and underneath these you can download the conference by right-clicking on the link below and selecting ‘Save link as…’ or listen to Daniel’s message by pressing play button below:

Feb 2014 Conference

Family Tea – 14th October 2012

With many of our regular number away, we were delighted to have a large number of visitors for our Family Tea this afternoon.

We had around 70 people present to enjoy a mixture of sandwiches and cakes, culminating in the traditional jelly and ice cream.

Alan chaired the evening and, after tea, some of the children from Sunday Club came to the front to help him run through the Ten Commandments, a subject that they’ve been learning about recently on Sunday mornings.

They also enjoyed singing some of the choruses from Sunday Club, before Daniel Rudge came to speak over the tea table.

In a short, powerful message he told the story (from Numbers 20) of Moses striking the rock in the wilderness to bring forth water finishing with linking to 1 Corinthians 4:10 – ‘that rock was Christ’.

With the new ‘The Link Coffee Bar’, the upcoming baptism, the planned Light Night and the forthcoming Christmas activities we’re really looking forward to the weeks ahead.

Our next regular Family Service is on 18th November at 11.30am.

Mar 2012 Conference: 1 Timothy 5 – 11th March 2012

We enjoyed a visit from Daniel Rudge who took us through 1 Timothy 5, in the latest of our series on 1 Timothy.

Unfortunately, there is no recording for this month although there are live tweets from the evening, below:


Bible Teaching, Daniel Rudge – 17th and 24th May 2011

We enjoyed two weeks of excellent Bible Teaching from Daniel Rudge who came to speak to us on consecutive Tuesdays.

The first week he took the subject – The Servant of God and his reward, looking at Isaiah 53.  During the second week, Daniel looks at The man of God and his refinement.

During Daniel’s second visit, we were able live tweet from his teaching:

You can listen to both subjects below:

The servant of God and his reward

The man of God and his refinement