discover: Week 3 – 19 January 2014

We had around 40 people with us this morning as we began our third week of discover by singing How great Thou art and prayer.

Discover Memory Verse - Week 2
Last week’s Memory Verse

Only a couple of people were able to recall the memory verse from last week, but those who had remembered it were given a chocolate coin.

We again had a few children’s choices before finishing by singing Faithful One.

After the children went out for their classes, Phil read from Mark 7:1-8 and 14-23 before Alan came up to speak.

Alan’s subject for the third week of the Christianity Explored course was ‘Sin: Why did Jesus come?

Below are some tweets from his talk.  Underneath them are both the presentation and the audio recording from this morning:

Here is the presentation from this morning:- 20140112 – Discover Week 3

You can download Alan’s talk by right-clicking on the link below and selecting ‘Save link as…’.  Alternatively, press the play button to listen directly from the website.

Discover Week 3

Don’t forget to join us next week from 11:30am as David takes the next in the Christianity Explored series with the subject ‘The cross: Why did Jesus die?

You can download or listen to the talks from the first two weeks below:

Discover Week 1

Discover Week 2

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