Sam and Ben’s Baptisms – 28th October 2012

Around 80 people gathered in a happy occasion to witness two of our youngsters, Sam and Ben, taking the step of baptism.

The service was chaired by Jon Cox, who also played guitar for most of the singing.

Alan conducted the baptisms and Jon Colman gave a short message.

Some of the crowds ahead of the baptisms

Here’s how things unfolded on Twitter:

Sam is first into the baptistry
Ben’s turn

Family Tea – 14th October 2012

With many of our regular number away, we were delighted to have a large number of visitors for our Family Tea this afternoon.

We had around 70 people present to enjoy a mixture of sandwiches and cakes, culminating in the traditional jelly and ice cream.

Alan chaired the evening and, after tea, some of the children from Sunday Club came to the front to help him run through the Ten Commandments, a subject that they’ve been learning about recently on Sunday mornings.

They also enjoyed singing some of the choruses from Sunday Club, before Daniel Rudge came to speak over the tea table.

In a short, powerful message he told the story (from Numbers 20) of Moses striking the rock in the wilderness to bring forth water finishing with linking to 1 Corinthians 4:10 – ‘that rock was Christ’.

With the new ‘The Link Coffee Bar’, the upcoming baptism, the planned Light Night and the forthcoming Christmas activities we’re really looking forward to the weeks ahead.

Our next regular Family Service is on 18th November at 11.30am.

Brian and Robert’s baptisms in tweets

We had a great night witnessing Brian and Robert being baptised.  Below is how the evening developed in live tweets:

Full house for tonight’s baptism. Opening with singing of ‘I stand amazed in the presence’ and prayer

Second hymn is ‘What kind of love is this’. Around 100 here tonight. A powerful witness.

Victor welcomes the family and everyone to the service. Victor explains, from the Bible, the reason behind baptism using the example of Philip and the Ethiopian.

Three things before baptism: 1 Must trust Jesus Christ as Saviour. 2 Must ask to be baptised. 3 Being immersed in water.

Baptism doesn’t ‘do’ anything to us. It’s a picture of what has happened to them when they become a Christian and witness to all.

The baptisms take place with Alan and James baptising and interspersed with ‘O Happy Day!’

Singing of ‘All I once held dear’ before David Hall comes to speak about Belief.

David uses stories of Paul meeting Lydia and the slave girl to bring out gospel message. Changes in their lives still true today.

Too hard for Christ? David uses story of jailer coming to Paul and Silas in prison. ‘What must I do to be saved?’ ‘Believe on Lord Jesus’

Final words of encouragement. Find simple things to do for God to serve him. Can’t be too good, too insignificant or too tough to be saved.

Closing with singing of ‘In Christ Alone’ and prayer.