discover: Week 6 – 9 February 2014

Our sixth week of discover began with the singing of There is a hope and prayer.

Discover Week 6

Instead of a memory verse this week, we enjoyed a quiz which was based around anagrams of books of the Bible, some of which proved more challenging than others.

After the quiz, we had time for a couple of children’s choices, before they went out for their activities.

This was the final week of our Christianity Explored Course and Alan came up to read from Mark 10:13-27, ahead of David Angell coming up to speak on the subject of Grace: how can God accept us?

Below are tweets from David’s talk:

You can view or download Alan’s presentation here – 20140209 – Discover Week 6

You can download Alan’s talk by right-clicking on the link below and selecting ‘Save link as…’.  Alternatively, press the play button to listen directly from the website.

Discover Week 6

Farewell tea for Elizabeth Pearce – 26 January 2014

After being with us at Parkside for over 50 years, Elizabeth is moving to be closer to her son, Nigel.

We arranged a small tea to bid her farewell and David Angell gave a short speech recounting some of her moments while she has been with us at Parkside.

He also presented her with a card and some vouchers for her to spend on something for her new house.

We’ll miss her at Parkside, but we know she’ll be back to visit us again soon.

Below are a few photos from the afternoon:

discover: Week 4 – 26 January 2014

Discover Week 4 MV
Today’s Memory Verse

We started our fourth discover by singing All I once held dear and prayer.

Afterwards, it was time to learn our second memory verse, which was taken again from Psalms.

As before, the words were made to gradually disappear as the verse was repeated. Hopefully more will have remembered it than for the previous verse.

After some children’s choruses we sang Open our eyes, Lord before the children adjourned for their classes.Discover Week 4

For those who were left, Alan read the reading from Mark 15:22-39 before David came up to speak on the fourth of our six weeks of Christianity Explored.  His subject this week was The Cross: Why did Jesus die?

Below are tweets from the morning:

The presentation from the morning can be found here – 20140112 – Discover Week 4

You can download David’s talk by right-clicking on the link below and selecting ‘Save link as…’.  Alternatively, press the play button to listen directly from the website.

Discover Week 4

discover: Week 2 – 12 January 2014

Discover Memory Verse - Week 2
Memory verse from Week 2 of discover

Our second week of discover began with the singing of In Christ Alone and Victor opening in prayer.

Phil, who was chairing, then introduced a memory verse for us to learn for next week.  This had been taken from those in the Psalms which are regularly tweeted from the Parkside Twitter account.

As we read through the verse, words gradually disappeared.  A prize will be offered next week when people will be asked to repeat the verse.

After we had sung a few children’s choices – and Happy Birthday to Becky – the children departed for their classes.

Slide from David’s presentation

Alan read through the story of Jesus healing a dead girl from Mark 5 before David Angell came up to take us through the second part of our Christianity Explored course – Who is Jesus.

Using verses from Mark, David talked through how Jesus has power and authority to teach, over sickness, over nature, over death and finally to forgive sin.

You can see the full presentation from the morning, including David’s slides here: 20140112 – Discover Week 2.

You can download David’s talk by right-clicking on the link below and selecting ‘Save link as…’.  Alternatively, press the play button to listen directly from the website.

Discover Week 2

Join us for Week 3 of discover on Sunday 19 January from 11:30am.

Family Service – 6th November 2011

We had a good turnout of around 45 people at our final Family Service of the year.

This month it was hosted by Phil Bray and began with the singing of Down from His Glory and prayer.

The second chorus was Wonderful Grace which was followed by a Bonfire Night matching pairs quiz.  Mention was also made of the upcoming events in December which we’re calling Step into Christmas.

Halfway through the matching pairs quiz

After the quiz the children enjoyed a number of their favourite choruse from Sunday Club before David Angell came to speak.

David began by asking the question ‘Who moved the stone?’ before linking it in to the story of Jesus appearing to his disciples after the resurrection and Thomas not being with them.

He went on to explain that Thomas was with them when they next met and Jesus appeared again and invited Thomas to touch his hands and feet and to see the wounds.  Thomas simply replied ‘My Lord and My God’.

David went on to talk about the different miracles that we have looked at in the Family Services this year and the fact that they are signs that point us to Jesus.  The greatest sign of all is his resurrection back to heaven and the fact that he has promised that he will return.

He went on, in a powerful message, to point out that death is not the end and one day all on earth will bow their knee to God.

We won’t have a normal Family Service in December but will have our Carols by Candlelight on Christmas Eve following on from our Step into Christmas.

Our next planned Family Service will be on 15th January 2012.