Family Service and BBQ – 2nd September 2012

We had a great turnout for our latest Family Service, taken by Alan Michael from our series of Celebrations.

Around forty-five people joined us outside afterwards for our final BBQ of the year.

Fortunately the weather stayed largely dry and we were able to cook and serve the food outside, as well as being able to get out into the park to play some games afterwards.  It was a far cry from the same event last year!

Robert and Phil manning the September 2011 BBQ in monsoon conditions

It was great to welcome back some old friends as well as meeting some new ones.

Our next Family Service takes the form of a Family Tea and will be on 14th October.  We hope you’ll be able to join us then.

Family Service and BBQ – 17th June 2012

We had around 55 people for the latest in our series of Family Services on ‘Celebrations’ in the Bible.

This month included Victor chairing, a quiz from Alan and David Hedges speaking briefly on the story of the Lost Son.

Afterwards, everyone trooped out into the sunshine to enjoy freshly cooked burgers and sausages, followed by a range of desserts.

Following this, there were games in the park, including the ubiquitous Kubb!

Desserts are served in the shade of the marquee

Family Service – 20th May 2012

We had around 45 people at today’s Family Service, which was chaired by Phil Bray.

The theme for this month was Celebrating: The Year of Jubilee and began with the singing of I will sing the wondrous story and prayer.

We also enjoyed a Royal Family themed matching pairs Jubilee Quiz and more singing before John Davies came up to speak, picking out the theme of Jubilees from the Bible.

Our next Family Service is on 17th June and will be followed by a BBQ.

Family Service – 19th February 2012

We had around forty people join us for our second Family Service of the year.

The service was chaired by Victor Michael, who opened with the hymn Be still for the presence of the Lord and prayer.

Victor ran through some dates of upcoming Family Services to set the scene before we sang some of the children’s favourites from Sunday Club.

Afterwards, Phil Bray hosted a short quiz which involved finding the ‘lost sheep’ by asking questions to which he could only supply the answers ‘yes’ and ‘no’.  The sheep was found in a plant beside the piano.

The second hymn was Come let us sing of a wonderful love. Afterwards, Alan Michael came up to tell the story of the Lost Sheep using the excellent tale of Cecil the sheep.

Cecil the sheep

After the story, Victor finished with the singing of I’m special before reminding people about the soup and Scotch pancakes that were being served at the end of the Family Service.

Our next Family Service is on March 18th at 5pm and takes the form of a Mother’s Day Tea.

Family Service – 15th January 2012

We had a good turnout of around 40 people at our opening Family Service of the year – the first in a series on the subject of Celebrations in the Bible.

This month it was hosted by David Hedges and began with the singing of I will sing the wondrous story and prayer.

Afterwards, he briefly explained about the series of Family Services throughout 2012 and showed the dates for the next couple of them.

Following this, we had a Memory Verse for the month to learn:
Seek the LORD while he may be found; call on him while he is near.
Isaiah 55 vs. 6

This was followed by a ‘Battleships’ type quiz entitled The Lost Coins.

The 'Lost Coins' Quiz

After the quiz the children enjoyed a number of their favourite choruse from Sunday Club before Paul Cogger came up to speak using the story of the Lost Coin as his guide.

Paul spoke simply and used examples of different things that we can lose – money, toys and keys.

He brought along a model tractor which was one of his prized possessions and talked about how we would search high and low if we lost something of real value to us.  This linked into the story of the lost coin which would also have been something very valuable in Jesus’ day.

Paul finished by pointing out that we are also ‘lost’ if we don’t know the Lord Jesus as our personal Saviour, before closing in prayer.

Soup and crusty bread was served in the back room following the service.

Our next planned Family Service will be on 19th February 2012.