Family Service – 20th January 2013

Despite the inclement snowy weather, we had around 35 hardy people who joined us for our first Family Service of 2013.Jan Family Service

The service was hosted by Phil who began with the hymn I do not know what lies ahead, followed by prayer.

Phil ran through various notices, including clarifying that in 2013, Family Services would be on the third Sunday of each month.

The second hymn was one which we had learned at our November Family Service, and was Stuart Townend’s There is a hope.

Afterwards, Brian came up to introduce various children’s choruses, before Alan stepped in with an amusing box quiz, consisting of a number of different lengths of string hidden in a box.  Each team answered a question and then withdrew a length of string.  Each length was tied together and the team finishing with the longest overall length of string was the winner.  The quiz was created by Paul, who was unfortunately unable to join us.

Our final hymn was O Lord my God, after which, Matthew Hall came up to speak.

Matthew enthusiastically talked about different famous people and questions that you could ask them.  These included Lance Armstrong, Winston Churchill, Beethoven and The Queen.  He then finished with the final person which was Jesus.

After the service, most people stayed behind to enjoy warming soup, bread and other refreshments, which Lesley and other helpers had put together.