Annual Meal – 18th February 2012

Tonight we held our Annual Meal for those who come along to Parkside and we had around 40 people along to enjoy an evening of food and fun.

As usual, different people had signed up to provide a variety of Starters, Main Courses and Desserts and we had a good range of food on offer.

With only a handful of people unable to make it, we took the opportunity to take a group photo of those there and Phil Bray balanced somewhat precariously on the window sill in order to get the image below.

Once the photo had been taken, it was time to get on with the food!

A good selection of desserts was on offer.

After the food had been consumed, as is traditional, the men took charge of the washing and drying up.

After the meal, Paul had organised a small group to sing a comical variation on the song My Favourite Things, centred around old age.

We also did some more singing, before Ben took to the stage to play a couple of tracks on his Dad’s guitar.

Overall it was a great evening and a good chance to spend some time together informally.

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