January 2011 Conference – 1 John 2

We had our third in our series of monthly conferences this evening from 1 John.  Tonight we were looking at chapter 2 with David Tinkler.  Here’s how it unfolded on Twitter.

Our next conference is on 12th February at 7pm from 1 John chapter 3 with the title ‘By this we know that He abides in us’. The audio from tonight will be on our website tomorrow.

November Conference – Introduction to 1 John

We had our first in this year’s series of Winter Conferences from 1 John, on the subject ‘The disciple whom Jesus loved’. Our opening speaker for the series was Mr Ian Jackson.

Below are live tweets from the evening:

We’ll be live tweeting from tonight’s conference on 1 John.

Meanwhile, also tonight, we have two teams from @parksdchrstnfwp taking part in the annual Datchet Bible Quiz.

Opening readings from John 13:21-26; John 19:25-27; John 20:1-4; John 21:4-7,20-25

Three areas: John himself; Writings of John; References to the disciple whom Jesus loved.

John never mentions his own name in his any of his letters. A humble man who only refers to himself as the ‘disciple whom Jesus loved’.

John wasn’t loved any more than any other disciple. He was just ‘loved by Jesus’.

John’s father was Zebedee and he had a brother called James. Jesus committed His mother, Mary, to John to care for, while on the cross.

John’s mother asked Jesus to let her two sons sit with Jesus in His Kingdom. Jesus had to emphasise the need for humility.

By nature John wanted position, to exercise power and had to learn lessons to find grace and humility.

John was a FISHERMAN. He was also a FAVOURED disciple (with Peter and James). He was prepared to FORSAKE all to follow Jesus.

He was present at Jesus’s Transfiguration and saw Jesus’ Glory and Moses and Elijah. Also at healing of Jairus’ daughter from the dead.

John is also featured several times with Peter on his own, particularly in Acts.

Final reference in John 21 is that John was FOLLOWING.

Generally accepted that John was the last of the New Testament writers. 1 John written that readers might ‘know’ eternal life.

John writes about the ‘family’ and the ‘children’ of God. 1 John 2:1 ‘My dear children…’ Not writing forensically but familiarly.

1 John contains a number of evidences of ‘life’ mentioned throughout the book. Do we as Christians show evidence of life?

1 John contains a number of mentions of the phrase ‘we know’ by revelation from God.

Eternal life is a state or condition of being with God the Father and is made available through faith in Jesus Christ.

John lived daily in the enjoyment of the love of God. A challenge to us as Christians.

Heard that our two teams from @ParksdChrstnFwp finished first and third in the Datchet Bible Quiz. Congratulations to all of them!

You can listen to, or download the conference by clicking on the link below:


This is the latest in our series of talks on Practical Issues in relation to my daily Christian life

We’ll be live tweeting on tonight’s subject of Discipleship.

In our Western culture we have a watered-down view of Christian discipleship. Very challenging subject.

Two readings: Matt 16:24-26 – Cost and benefits of following Jesus. Luke 14:25-35 – ‘Unless…you CANNOT be My disciple!’

Disciple in New Testament times meant an apprentice or a student. Many Rabbi’s would have ‘followers’ or disciples.

John the Baptist had disciples but told his disciples to follow Jesus. Being a disciple of Jesus is never ending. We are always learning.

All Christians are disciples of Jesus. Jesus called His original 12 disciples literally.

When we become a Christian we realise that we didn’t choose Him, but rather that He chose us! We are called BY Him and TO follow Him.

We are called to OBEY His commands. We are called to His SERVICE. We are called with a PURPOSE. We are called to SUFFERING.

We are called AS WE ARE. 1 Cor 1:26-31 – Not chosen based on influence, wisdom etc to show the power of God rather than men and women.

Seven Requirements to be a disciple: Requirement of LOVE both for God and for others. Requirement to DENY ourselves and put God first.

Requirement to TAKE UP THE CROSS – to fully identify ourselves with Christ. Requirement of FOLLOWING Christ and being like Him.

Requirement to CONTINUE to read and apply the Bible to ourselves. Requirement to FORSAKE everything & follow Him. Everything belongs to Him.

Is Jesus Christ the Son of God and does it matter?

We had the second of our series of talks on Jesus Christ on the subject above.  A presentation used during the evening can be seen here – Is Jesus Christ the Son of God?

Below are live tweets from the evening:

We’ll be live tweeting on tonight’s subject ‘Is Jesus Christ the Son of God and does it matter?’

Opening readings from John 20: 26-29 ‘Do not be unbelieving, but believing’; 2 Peter 1: 16-18 ‘..did not follow cleverly invented stories..’

We look to the Bible to learn of Jesus Christ and not our own understanding. Believe through words, actions and what others say.

Words of Christ: ‘Greater than all men’ John 7, ‘Untouched by Sin’ Isa 53, ‘Showing His Omnipotence’ John 4, ‘Access to Eternal Life’ John 6

Words of Christ: ‘As Creator’ Luke 8, ‘As God, made flesh’ John 10, ‘Holding all the power of God’ John 5, ‘By His own admission’ Luke 22

His Actions: ‘About His Father’s business’ John 2, ‘With power over life and death’ John 4, ‘Power over Creation’ John 6

His Actions: ‘As the one with power to forgive sins’ Mark 2

Why does it matter? example of Ten Commandments. All have broken the law. Breaking law had a cost – required sacrifice but only covered sin.

Breaking the law has a cost but God wiped away the debt on the cross at Calvary. Only He could pay the debt as He had no sin.

Is Jesus Christ the Son of God? Yes? Does it matter? Yes! Without Christ there is no salvation – John 3: 16

Annual Conference – Dr Ian Burness, Echoes

We had our Annual Conference with Dr Ian Burness from Echoes giving a Report on the work in Brazil.  In the evening he gave a short word of Ministry from I Thessalonians chapter 1You can listen to the reports by clicking on the links or download them by right-clicking and selecting ‘Save Target As’.

The afternoon report is summarised in tweets below:

We’ll be live tweeting from this afternoon’s report from Ian about a recent visit to Brazil.

Ian mentioned various DVD’s and literature that he has available.

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world. Main language is Portuguese but several other languages spoken too.

Population of 180 million people. Also fifth highest population behind China, India, Russia and USA.

Brazil is becoming a ‘missionary-sending’ country rather than just receiving them.

Government have a huge project to replace the shanty-towns and replace them with modern housing.

Coffee is very important in the rural economy. Sugar cane being grown for ethanol to use as a fuel in cars.

Visited Foz on border of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina where there is a large Muslim population.

Lots of Brazilian workers in Rio. Developed a campsite with conferencing facilities.

Also visited Conceciao where there is another campsite with dormitories and other facilities available.

Carangola has an Emmaus school as well as a school running evening classes and other training.

Vitoria – looking to develop a large facility for use of 300-500 people.

Lots of work involving reaching out with the local community showing practical concern for the poor and those in need.

Encouraging work in the mountains near Vitoria. Established a church nine years ago in area with high suicide rate. Now fewer suicides.

Uberlandia – Work running for 14 years on drug rehabilitation which has seen 3000 people pass through. Also educated during programme.

Also developed a radio station broadcasting to half a million in local neighbourhood.

Church-planters from Brazil are taking the work forward.

Afternoon conference ends with singing of ‘God is working His purpose out’ followed by prayer and refreshments.

You can see more details on our website here.