Is Jesus Christ the Son of God and does it matter?

We had the second of our series of talks on Jesus Christ on the subject above.  A presentation used during the evening can be seen here – Is Jesus Christ the Son of God?

Below are live tweets from the evening:

We’ll be live tweeting on tonight’s subject ‘Is Jesus Christ the Son of God and does it matter?’

Opening readings from John 20: 26-29 ‘Do not be unbelieving, but believing’; 2 Peter 1: 16-18 ‘..did not follow cleverly invented stories..’

We look to the Bible to learn of Jesus Christ and not our own understanding. Believe through words, actions and what others say.

Words of Christ: ‘Greater than all men’ John 7, ‘Untouched by Sin’ Isa 53, ‘Showing His Omnipotence’ John 4, ‘Access to Eternal Life’ John 6

Words of Christ: ‘As Creator’ Luke 8, ‘As God, made flesh’ John 10, ‘Holding all the power of God’ John 5, ‘By His own admission’ Luke 22

His Actions: ‘About His Father’s business’ John 2, ‘With power over life and death’ John 4, ‘Power over Creation’ John 6

His Actions: ‘As the one with power to forgive sins’ Mark 2

Why does it matter? example of Ten Commandments. All have broken the law. Breaking law had a cost – required sacrifice but only covered sin.

Breaking the law has a cost but God wiped away the debt on the cross at Calvary. Only He could pay the debt as He had no sin.

Is Jesus Christ the Son of God? Yes? Does it matter? Yes! Without Christ there is no salvation – John 3: 16

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