November Conference – Introduction to 1 John

We had our first in this year’s series of Winter Conferences from 1 John, on the subject ‘The disciple whom Jesus loved’. Our opening speaker for the series was Mr Ian Jackson.

Below are live tweets from the evening:

We’ll be live tweeting from tonight’s conference on 1 John.

Meanwhile, also tonight, we have two teams from @parksdchrstnfwp taking part in the annual Datchet Bible Quiz.

Opening readings from John 13:21-26; John 19:25-27; John 20:1-4; John 21:4-7,20-25

Three areas: John himself; Writings of John; References to the disciple whom Jesus loved.

John never mentions his own name in his any of his letters. A humble man who only refers to himself as the ‘disciple whom Jesus loved’.

John wasn’t loved any more than any other disciple. He was just ‘loved by Jesus’.

John’s father was Zebedee and he had a brother called James. Jesus committed His mother, Mary, to John to care for, while on the cross.

John’s mother asked Jesus to let her two sons sit with Jesus in His Kingdom. Jesus had to emphasise the need for humility.

By nature John wanted position, to exercise power and had to learn lessons to find grace and humility.

John was a FISHERMAN. He was also a FAVOURED disciple (with Peter and James). He was prepared to FORSAKE all to follow Jesus.

He was present at Jesus’s Transfiguration and saw Jesus’ Glory and Moses and Elijah. Also at healing of Jairus’ daughter from the dead.

John is also featured several times with Peter on his own, particularly in Acts.

Final reference in John 21 is that John was FOLLOWING.

Generally accepted that John was the last of the New Testament writers. 1 John written that readers might ‘know’ eternal life.

John writes about the ‘family’ and the ‘children’ of God. 1 John 2:1 ‘My dear children…’ Not writing forensically but familiarly.

1 John contains a number of evidences of ‘life’ mentioned throughout the book. Do we as Christians show evidence of life?

1 John contains a number of mentions of the phrase ‘we know’ by revelation from God.

Eternal life is a state or condition of being with God the Father and is made available through faith in Jesus Christ.

John lived daily in the enjoyment of the love of God. A challenge to us as Christians.

Heard that our two teams from @ParksdChrstnFwp finished first and third in the Datchet Bible Quiz. Congratulations to all of them!

You can listen to, or download the conference by clicking on the link below:

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