Bible Teaching on 1 Corinthians 11 – 15th November 2011

We enjoyed a visit from Gordon Stewart who gave some thought-provoking teaching from 1 Corinthians 11.

You can listen to his message by clicking on the link below:

Bible Teaching, Daniel Rudge – 17th and 24th May 2011

We enjoyed two weeks of excellent Bible Teaching from Daniel Rudge who came to speak to us on consecutive Tuesdays.

The first week he took the subject – The Servant of God and his reward, looking at Isaiah 53.  During the second week, Daniel looks at The man of God and his refinement.

During Daniel’s second visit, we were able live tweet from his teaching:

You can listen to both subjects below:

The servant of God and his reward

The man of God and his refinement


April 2011 Conference – 1 John 5

Fred Epps joined us for the first time, for our final conference of the winter season and took us through 1 John chapter 5 under the title ‘By this we know that we love the children of God’.

You can listen to the conference below:-

March 2011 Conference – 1 John 4

We enjoyed having Ken Rudge with us for our fifth conference in our current series on 1 John.

Ken took us through 1 John chapter 4.

Below are live tweets from the evening. You can also listen to the conference again, at the bottom of the page.

Click below to listen to the conference:


This is the latest in our series of talks on Practical Issues in relation to my daily Christian life

We’ll be live tweeting on tonight’s subject of Discipleship.

In our Western culture we have a watered-down view of Christian discipleship. Very challenging subject.

Two readings: Matt 16:24-26 – Cost and benefits of following Jesus. Luke 14:25-35 – ‘Unless…you CANNOT be My disciple!’

Disciple in New Testament times meant an apprentice or a student. Many Rabbi’s would have ‘followers’ or disciples.

John the Baptist had disciples but told his disciples to follow Jesus. Being a disciple of Jesus is never ending. We are always learning.

All Christians are disciples of Jesus. Jesus called His original 12 disciples literally.

When we become a Christian we realise that we didn’t choose Him, but rather that He chose us! We are called BY Him and TO follow Him.

We are called to OBEY His commands. We are called to His SERVICE. We are called with a PURPOSE. We are called to SUFFERING.

We are called AS WE ARE. 1 Cor 1:26-31 – Not chosen based on influence, wisdom etc to show the power of God rather than men and women.

Seven Requirements to be a disciple: Requirement of LOVE both for God and for others. Requirement to DENY ourselves and put God first.

Requirement to TAKE UP THE CROSS – to fully identify ourselves with Christ. Requirement of FOLLOWING Christ and being like Him.

Requirement to CONTINUE to read and apply the Bible to ourselves. Requirement to FORSAKE everything & follow Him. Everything belongs to Him.