Light Night 2015 – 31 October 2015

Although numbers weren’t high, we had an enjoyable evening at tonight’s Light Night.

Parkside decked out with our new lights ahead of the Light Night

With the lights up, the evening began at 6:30pm with the usual array of games.  These included the ever popular Musical Chairs and Newspaper Hockey and ended with Chinese Laundry.

After the games, the children moved to the front of the hall, where Alan told the stories of the hidden light, lost coin and the wise and foolish bridesmaids at the wedding.  As part of the stories, he had hidden various ‘clues’ around the room, for the children to find.

Listening to the story
Following the story, we adjourned to the back room, where the children decorated money boxes, loosely based on the story of the lost coin.

Painting money boxes

The evening ended with food, including burgers, at around 8pm.

Despite the numbers, we all agreed it had been a worthwhile and successful evening.

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