Perspectives of Christmas: Mary – 2nd December 2012

We had an encouraging start to our series taking place during December looking at different Perspectives of Christmas.

After spending most of yesterday morning clearing up the hall following the recent painting and laying of the new carpet, everything was in place in time for our opening carol service this evening.

Like last year, the series is being hosted by Phil Bray and each of the four weeks consists of a similar format with a mixture of carols, a quiz and a short talk.

Tonight the carols were ‘O little town of Bethlehem’, ‘Away in a manger’, ‘See Him a-lying on a bed of straw’ and ‘Unto us a child is born’.  We also enjoyed a debut performance from the Parkside Voices with Paul, Rachel and Judith singing their version of ‘Mary, did you know’?  The accompaniment was a mixture of piano playing from Paul mingling with guitars from Jon and Judith.

This year’s quiz consists of two teams – the Turkeys and the Crackers – each taking it in turns to remove a layer from a big parcel.  This reveals an envelope containing a number between 1 and 24 which then gives a question for the team.  The quiz  will run over the four weeks with the final prize being revealed on 23rd December.

The speaker for the opening service was Alan, who had the subject of Mary and spoke bringing out her blessed nature.

The service was followed by a selection of mince pies and other festive treats as well as a hot drink.

The second in the series takes place next Sunday at 4.30pm, when we’ll be looking at the story through the eyes of Joseph, told by Paul.

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