Family Tea – 2nd October 2011

We had around 70 people along for our second Family Tea of the year, following the good turnout at Mother’s Day.

It was good to welcome both old friends along and also to meet those who were joining us for the first time.

Following a filling tea of sandwiches and cakes followed by jelly and ice cream, David Hedges chaired the evening which begun with the singing of a few of the Sunday Club favourites.

Afterwards, we were very pleased that Ken Ward from Cherith, who used to meet with us in Maidenhead, was able to come and speak for a few minutes.

Ken brought his walking boots with him and used them as a visual aid to talk about the two paths mentioned in Matthew 7:14.  He spoke about two different tracks up Snowdon and the fact that there were two paths that we could take in our lives.

In a powerful address, he pointed out that Parkside wasn’t just about coming along to enjoy a nice tea, but that we were keen to point people towards the Lord Jesus and share with them what He had done for us.

Our next Family Service is on November 6th at the usual time of 11.30am.

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