March 2014 Monthly Conference – 8 March 2013

Unfortunately Roy Hill, who was originally down to cover this month’s subject was unable Monthly Conferences 2013-14_edited-4to make it.

John Lee was able to step in to complete the subject of Aquila and Priscilla: a couple’s unity.

Below you can download the conference by right-clicking on the link below and selecting ‘Save link as…’ or listen to John’s message by pressing the play button below:

Mar 2014 Conference

Jan 2012 Conference: 1 Timothy 3 – 14th January 2012

We were pleased to welcome John Lee from Bognor Regis who took our third monthly conference of the series on 1 Timothy.

Below are live tweets from the evening, as well as a recording of the conference:

You can listen to the conference below:

Bracknell Annual Conference – 19th November 2011

Bracknell held their Annual Conference today with speakers John Lee and Fred Epps.

Below are live tweets from the afternoon and evening from Josh Davies, Brian Sparks and the bracknell_gh twitter feed:!/Bracknell_GH/status/137959118353866753!/Bracknell_GH/status/137963284287602688!/Bracknell_GH/status/137968408548487168!/Bracknell_GH/status/137970028506136576!/Bracknell_GH/status/137971380493893632!/Bracknell_GH/status/137987153899692034