Back to winning ways!

Parkside entered two teams into the annual Datchet Bible quiz.  This post was kindly prepared by Becky, who was present during the evening.

There were 6 teams:

2 from Maidenhead (James & Chelsea) (Sam & Ben)

Datchet & Fetcham combined

Ken Hill chaired. Jon Colman was quiz master. Paul & Sue Surry were judges.  Alan kept score.

7 rounds. Time limit of 30 seconds to give your answers. Everyone did very well. The rounds got harder as they went along, with judges being called on a few times to make decisions on scores. The last round was down to 10 seconds for the answer!

It’s been 10 years since Maidenhead won but we did it tonight!  It was a tie for second place between Maidenhead (James & Chelsea) and Fetcham.  It was very close and went to judges for final say. Fetcham were declared second.

John from Corsham did an epilogue about not just having knowledge but being wise.

Trophies were then awarded to the victorious team!