Special Events 2011

During the year, we have a number of special events that all are welcome to.

Family Services & BBQs
Each month we have special teas and Family Services where we’re looking at some of Jesus’ miracles.  More details are available on our blog here.  Unless otherwise indicated, all Family Services are at 11.30am and preceeded with coffee from 11.15am.  We’d love to meet you at any of these.

March 6              John 2 – Water into wine
April 3                Mother’s Day Tea – 5.00pm
May 1                 John 4 – Nobleman’s son
June 5                John 5 – Pool of Bethesda
July 3                 John 6 – Feeding of 5000 – followed by BBQ lunch
August 7            John 9 – Blind man
September 4      John 11 – Lazarus – followed by BBQ lunch
October 2           Family Tea – 5.00pm
November 6       John 20 vs 24-31 – Thomas
December 24     Christmas Eve Carols by Candlelight – 5.00pm

Coffee in the Park 
These take place in Kidwells Park, behind Parkside, on Saturday mornings from 10:45am to 12:15pm and are an informal time to chat over a hot or cold drink. 

Dates for 2011 were:

7th May
2nd July
3rd September

1st October

We were also out in the park once again for Maidenhead Carnival on 11th June 2011.

Christmas Activities (see also Step into Christmas for details of the carol services in red)

4th December 2011 – Christmas: The Plan                        5.00pm
11th December 2011 – Christmas: The Person                  5.00pm
18th December 2011 – Christmas: The Purpose                5.00pm
17th December 2011 – Young People’s Carol Service        7.00pm
24th December 2011 – Carols by Candlelight                     5.00pm

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