Celebrations in 2012

This year in our Family Services we’ll be exploring the theme of Celebrations and looking at different stories from the Bible in our services each month.

The services generally take place on the third Sunday of the month at 11.30am.  We hope you’ll be able to join us for a mixture of singing, quizzes and activities culminating with a short talk.

Below are the details of the Family Services:

Jan 15, 11.30am – Celebrate:  The finding of The Lost Coin
Feb 19, 11.30am – Celebrate: The finding of The Lost Sheep
Mar 18, 5.00pm – Celebrate: A mother’s story (Moses)  Mother’s Day Tea
Apr 15, 11.30am – Celebrate: Passover
May 20, 11.30am – Celebrate: The year of Jubilee
Jun 17, 11.30am – Celebrate: The Lost Son – followed by BBQ lunch
July 15, 11.30am – Celebrate: The Christian Life
Sept 2, 11.30am – Celebrate: A New Start – followed by BBQ lunch
Oct 14, 5.00pm – Celebrate: Harvest (Ruth) – Harvest Tea
Nov 18, 11.30am – Celebrate: The Wedding Feast
Dec 24, 5.00pm – Celebrate: Christmas

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