Outing to…Parkside – 20th August 2011

Today was the date arranged for our Annual Outing to Henley.

Despite the promising sunshine at the start of the day, by the time 2pm rolled around, the rain was teeming down in Maidenhead.

Around 25 diehards met up at Parkside as planned and quickly decided that travelling over to sit outside by the river in Henley wasn’t going to be a viable option.

Instead, we headed into the hall and spent some time playing a variety of games ranging from Giant Pick-up-Sticks to Kerplunk and Jenga.

Discussions underway
Sarah and Emily
Staring at a pile of sticks
Brian takes a turn
All too exciting for Victor

We ate our various packed ‘teas’ and, with the weather improving, decided to make the best of a wet afternoon with a late afternoon visit to Ray Mill Island.

Accordingly those of us who had lasted the distance of the afternoon drove down to the Thames at Maidenhead, parked up and enjoyed a leisurely stroll around the island followed by an ice cream.

Sarah, Dave, Judith and Brian
C.O.P.S. by the weir
Rachel and Nathan
Victor getting in a spin

The afternoon which had begun so dismally in heavy rain ended in brilliant sunshine.

Late afternoon sunshine on Ray Mill Island

2 thoughts on “Outing to…Parkside – 20th August 2011

  1. Haha, it all proved to be “too exciting for Victor”. I also particularly like the ‘Reflections’ shot: it really takes the mind some time to work out what the eye is seeing.

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