Annual meal

Queuing up for the main course

In 2005 we held a meal for those who come along to Parkside.  Different people signed up to make dishes and puddings and we had a great evening together.

Since then, we’ve had one every year and it’s become something of an annual highlight.

This year, the format remained much the same as in previous years.  Around forty of us gathered together to enjoy food and fellowship.  Dishes on the menu varied from traditional bangers and mash through chile con carne to cottage pie, and were followed by a smorgasbord of differing desserts.

As is usual on these occasions, the washing up fell to the men and the task was completed successfully, without a single breakage!

Paul and Rachel's duet

Following the coffee and mints, we were entertained by Paul regaling us with some amusing church ‘notices’ that he had picked up over the years.

We also enjoyed a delightful duet from Paul and Rachel and a time of informal guitar playing and singing with Jon, Judith and Kerry.

Another successful evening closed finally around 10pm.

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