Operation Brotherly Love Report in Tweets

Tonight we have a report on the work of Operation Brotherly Love in Romania, starting at 8pm.

Things more expensive in Romania since joining EU. Countered by improved infrastructure. Economy affected by downturn.

Simple houses made by hand of clay and straw bricks. Poorly insulated and cold in winter.

Very little money to buy clothes sold in second-hand shops. Family helped out by OBL with kitchen sink and stove. Poor hygiene.

Two small families in remote village dependent on help from assemblies. Very poor and in very small houses. Have to dig own bricks to extend.

Who cares? Govt has no money and no facilities. Family’s responsibility to look after old relatives. Many don’t care.

Need for somewhere to care for old believers and those unable to look after themselves. Medical system appalling in Romania.

OBL care with medical, financial and practical help. All medicines have to be paid for.

Romania’s economy suffering. Introducing austerity measures. 15% cuts for pensions and child benefit. 25% cut for public sector workers pay.

Now 1500 assemblies around Romania. Quadrupled since fall of Communism in 1989.

Much work to do and prayer needed.

Reading from Luke 23:50-56. Four things about Joseph. 1 Character – secret disciple. Came out of shell to ask for body of Lord.

2 Just man. Deep concern to learn from scriptures and live life accordingly. 3 Honourable Man. Stuck to his principles. Challenge to us.

4 Joseph had a concern for dignity of the Lord. Are we concerned? Contribution – bought fine linen and gave own tomb. Gave best he had.

Tomb was available. Challenge for us – are we available for the Lord?

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